The best athletes in the world have coaches.
So do the best attorneys.

Coaching has been proven to be the most effective way to help attorneys gain critical practice management and business development skills.

Ready to grow your Estate Planning practice? Explore our signature private coaching programs below.

As an Estate Planning attorney, do you ever feel like:

  • You don’t control your schedule, constantly being under pressure to work more hours?

  • You notice that things keep falling through the cracks? 

  • You cannot effectively delegate even when you try your hardest?

  • Your clients run the show? 

If you answered yes to any of these, it’s time to take steps to streamline and automate your practice!

The importance of streamlining and automating your Estate Planning practice cannot be overstated! 

A streamlined and automated practice will allow you to:

  • have your practice run without you having to be involved in every single step,

  • manage or eliminate repetitive and highly predictable issues,

  • eliminate time and money waste, and

  • maximize your most valuable asset = YOUR TIME!

Simply put: Streamlining and automating your practice is putting more dollars into your pocket. This is especially true if you offer your services on a flat fee basis.

Often, attorneys underestimate how long tasks take and focus on billable time.

However, you should change your mindset from billable and non-billable time and focus on YOUR time. The less of YOUR time something takes, the easier it is to scale up your practice WITHOUT spending more time working.

Numbers don’t lie!

Let’s assume that an average estate planning matter takes you 5 hours to produce from start to finish, including scheduling, client intake, initial meeting, setting up internal files, drafting, reviewing drafts, updating drafts, scheduling the signing ceremony, getting the documents signed, making copies and scanning, organizing your files, logging documents into your system, closing out file, etc.    

What if you had such reliable systems in place that you could spend 3 hours on the very same matter and delegate 2 hours to someone else?  Or, even better eliminate 1 hour from this package?  

Assuming a modest hourly rate of $250, even if we assume you onboard only 1 client a week, streamlining to eliminate 1 hour of your time from each case will equal to $12,500 each and every year 

Assuming an hourly rate of $350 with 2 clients per week and an average time savings of 2 hours per case, would equal to extra income of $70,000 without you having to take on any more clients!!! 

Streamline & Automate Private Coaching Program

Our 3-month private coaching program will help you to:  

  • become more productive and profitable

  • produce more consistent results

  • provide clients with a better client experience

  • free up more time for yourself and your family

  • create a more reliable cash flow for your practice

  • grow your practice to seven figures!

What You Will Get:

As part of the program you will:

  • Take an honest assessment of your current practice management challenges and what causes them

  • Set clear goals for what you want to accomplish in your practice

  • Meet with us privately for 6 virtual coaching sessions (typically every 2 weeks) where we will work with you one-on-one to create custom solutions to streamline and automate your practice that works for you, your goals, and your life (you’ll work with both an experienced Estate Planning attorney and a seasoned lawyer business coach)

  • Get concrete recommendations for practice management solutions and technology to simplify and automate your processes

  • Get our templates, tools, cheat sheets and much more to help you take your practice to the next level

  • BONUS: Estate Planning Practice Management Tech Guide online training course